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Monday, July 6, 2009

Back from being a a writing sense

Sorry for not writing the last few days but honestly I have been so tired from actually working that I haven't wanted to even write. To recap and summarize the days I miss talking about there were a few adoptions, some interesting characters, and a whole bunch of cleaning when the shelter was closed for the holiday. I can't forget too that Harry our sick little puppy pulled through and actually got adopted on my day off. I'm a little sad that he got adopted so quickly but unbelievably happy that he found a good home and that he is healthy. I have to mention one showing that I did last week with a family that literally broke out a flashlight to look at the dogs teeth and even a stethoscope to hear the dogs heart beat. Turns out the father was a well known vet and was looking at an older dog so he wanted to make sure that the dog was healthy. It ended up being a great fit and our dog got along great with his 15 year old pooch who really seemed energetic and happy for being up there in age. It was nice no know that our little guy was going to have a long and fruitful life.

Of course there isn't much to say about the holiday except that you basically clean all day and by the time you are done it is time to go home. Once again though I have to mention all of the incredibly helpful volunteers that gave their time to help us make our jobs easier. Heck, they even offered to help clean! Of course I couldn't allow that but they were able to help bring dogs in and out for their breaks and take them on walks. Thanks again volunteers for the great job that you do.

Back to the open days. Today started a little different. I was supposed to be coming in at 9:30 and staying until six with our later hours but I got a call to see if I could go in early to give meds because something came up for one of the other kennel staff. I got in early and proceeded to give about 20 animals their pills, cough medicine, ear cleanings, and even nose drops. I do have to say some of the little guys are better at taking their pills than others. Once all of the meds and cleaning were done it was already opening time. I figured it would be slow after the holiday but I was wrong. Immediately the crowd flowed through the gates and it was on to the showings.

The first thing that I heard was Gina and Garcia, our two little kittens, were adopted. Then I noticed another staff member putting signs on kennels for several other dogs that had been adopted this past Friday. I was surprised to see how many were going to go home once they are medically cleared. There was a sad note that Sara who was adopted some time ago and was waiting to be spayed was going to be up for adoption again. Turns out the adopted had some second thoughts and decided she wasn't the perfect fit.

On to my first showing. Well, it turns out it was a no go. The application looked great but the family had a female dog at home and they were looking at another female dog. If you didn't already know it is against our policy to adopt female to female because of the fighting issues that can arrise. A perfect example happened this past Friday with two female dogs at the shelter that have lived with each other their entire lives ended up getting into it and it got pretty serious. Both dogs are OK now but one actually had to be taken to the vet for some wounds. The family was understanding and said they would check back to see if there were any more dogs that they were intersted in.

Of course my next showing was the same situation. They had a female cattle dog at home and wanted to look at a female chihuahua mix. I explained our policy and they really had no idea. In fact the woman really never even thought about getting a male dog until I mentioned the snowball effect fighting between femal dogs can have. I showed them a few options and finally our little Ryley who is the pug chihuahua mix. They immediately took a liking to the little guy. They liked him so much that the wife hung out with him while the dad made the hour trip to go get their dog and kids for an interact to make sure it was a right fit. After the interaction the family decided to adopt. It's been a while since I have done an adoption so it was good to know that one of our little guys found the right home to spend his days in.

The day went by fast and the adoption signs got hung. There were a few little set backs like running out of propane so no hot water, no dryer, and no washer but what can you do. I know I have been a little bitter about the past week but hey, we all have ours. I hope that I can look past the monotony and focus on the good parts, like finding these animals their forever homes.

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