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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Ahh, a nice lazy day-at times

After a long stint of not receiving too many dogs it is always a nice surprise when you go into the shelter and have just about every kennel full. The only bad thing about it all is the amount of poo that usually accompanies having more animals in our care. I do have to say that this morning it was not nearly as bad as I thought it would be. I've found that the more pessimistic about how bad the messes are going to be the better off I am and the more prepared my nose is as well.

Once all of the scrubbing, feeding, cleaning of rabbits, taking out of garbages, soaking of dishes, and of course getting the laundry started it was time to sit down with a few animals. Not sure if you read a recent blog about Tiberius, aka Frankenstein, but he was the one with the cancerous lump that we had to remove. Well, I went to go and visit him and it turns out he has grown another lump and because of the rapid growth and seriousness of the tumors we have decided to put him on permanent foster. It is incredibly sad but he really is getting the best chance that he can get. I am just really sad that I wasn't able to say goodbye properly. Hopefully his foster family will keep us updated and let us know how the cute little guy is doing.

Once I got over not seeing my little friend Tiberius I decided to take my mind off of him by heading over to the cattery. Also because it is one of the few places in the shelter that actually remains cool during these hot summer months. Along with hanging out with my favorite feline friend Oliver, an orange Tabby that will climb all over me, I did clean a few windows to remain some what productive. It was nice though just to sit in the visitation room where three amazing cats have the run of the place. All I did for a solid twenty minutes was sit on a makeshift bench and get bombarded with cats purring up a storm. As you all know I am a dog person but there are the occasional cats that I really am fond of and the three I spent time with today are some of them.

I couldn't forget about the dogs so I decided to go and hang out with a recent relinquishment Papi. Now you don't pronounce it like Popeye's dad's name but rather like Poppy. He is the terrier mix that I had originally taken the intake call on him from a Spanish speaking individual. The unfortunate part was that I wasn't there for the actual intake. That meant that the profile for the animal and his past behaviors was a little vague to say the least. Without much information on the little guy I can say that temperament wise he is great. He does speak spanish but hand signals work just as well when it comes to sitting.

After all of my lovey time with the animals I actually had to work. I was asked by one of the medical staff to help with a quick intake of one of the new second chance animals. it wasn't anything too complicated but it was a littler nerve racking. All I had to do was hold a chihuahua while blood was drawn. It is surprising though how much one of those little guys squirms when a needle enters their arms. Luckily the med staff was quick and also smart by feeding him cream cheese until the process was done.

The rest of the day was pretty uneventful with the usually daily cleaning duties. I did get a for a few showings. One of which was a simple denial because the wanted to keep a four month old puppy outside pretty much 24/7. It was a good denial though because the people actually listened to what I had to say about leaving animals unattended outside and the problems that could arise. My next showing was with a woman and her children that I had met last week when they were looking at one of our puppies. It turned out it wasn't a great fit but the new dog they were looking at seemed much better. The only thing that needs to take place is to have the husband come and meet and make sure that everyone is in agreement on the new addition to the family. Hopefully it works out and we can get another one adopted.

To end the day on a somewhat funny note I was asked to accompany another staff member to the dog park because a man had come up to the front office to complain about a dog that was barking at him aggressively and the owner that wouldn't do anything about it. I understand where he is coming from but it still amazes me that adults still have a tough time handling their own problems. Anyways, once we got back to the park the woman had already left but of course while we were back there another patron complained how a group of dogs was running around the park picking on other dogs. Anyways, I don't want to sound to rude and say something offensive about the whole situation other that it is a DOG PARK! Not to mention it runs solely on donations which the box was rather empty today.

Anyways, that was the just of today and I have to say I definitely took it easy today compared to yesterday. I just hope that some of these showings pan out and we are able to send some animals home soon. Thanks for reading everyone and I look forward to your comments and hopefully can pass along some good news about Liza soon as well.

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