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Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Some good news

There are always those days that you think there possibly can't be anything else that needs to get done but of course something always comes up. It seemed like today was one of those days. It began with some surprisingly good news (it's amazing what we get excited about), most of the dogs in the shelter had some solid poop last night. It might not seem that important but when you have parasites floating around and you have been constantly treating the guys for oatmeal like diarrhea it is a nice surprise to finally see them clearing it out of their system.

I cleaned the south yard and for some reason wanted to put my little treeing coon hound friend in with another dog just because she has been so scared and stand offish the entire time she has been at the shelter I figured it couldn't hurt. Once all of the dogs were in there yards it was time to clean. I finished up rather quickly and when i went back to bring the dogs out I was amazed to see my introverted dog wagging her tail with as close to a smile as you can imagine. She even jumped up on me and gave me a few kisses. I couldn't believe that this was the same dog as even yesterday who would barely eat in front of me let alone come up to me. It was a great way to start off my day and I can only hope that she continues to come out of her shell. Below is a short clip of her playing in the yard. You can barely tell that this dog is completely fearful of humans.

After all the morning chores were done it was time to get to work on the poop buckets. Weekly cleaning duties are always fun but when you team up to do them you can knock them out rather quickly. I'm just glad the dumpster wasn't overflowing this time and we actually had room to throw away a whole bunch of poo. Once that was done it was on to the laundry room. Since we have had our washer out of commission for a while we decided to thin out our inventory of not so great towels and blankets. It was good to see the massive pile of dirty laundry whittled down to a few loads.

Not too many showings today but there was an early into with one of the sheppard puppies. I'm guessing it went rather well since another staff member came back with an adopted sign to put on their kennel. I am actually surprised that more didn't get adopted today since it was the first time they became available. I just hope their mom can get adopted as quickly, I would hate to see all of her puppies find homes and her be stuck in the shelter.

Later I got asked to help out with some photos of a few of our animals. It was the local paper again who come in every three months or so to feature ten dogs, cats, and rabbits. It's nice to get these guys a little added publicity and to get the word out about these great animals that are up for adoption. The one thing I don't like is I have to pick the dogs that get put in the paper. I try to get the ones that have been here the longest but I always have this guilty feeling that I left someone out. I just wish we could do more adoptions but I understand that sometimes it isn't always the fastest process.

Well, the day is coming to an end, I had already clocked out and was making my way out the gate when a woman pulled in with a stray. I took the animal and went back inside to check for a chip. Luckily he was chipped but unfortuanately the chip was only registered to a county shelter which was a little wierd since the animal was not altered. The woman who found the little guy was very helpful and she was willing to hold on to the dog hoping that she could find the owner. I gave her the information from the chip and said thanks for helping him out. I am happy to see that people are as caring for animals as I hope I am.


  1. It sounds like you have a hard job and probably don't get much thanks because the animals can't talk. I have a link to your blog on my blog. Keep up the good work. I appreciate people who are kind to animals.

  2. Thank you so much for reading Anita and thank for your kind words and link.


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