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Thursday, June 25, 2009

Some good call backs

I'm going to keep it pretty short today and skip all of the nonsense about me cleaning. I'll move right on to my task of helping our our little distemper puppy Harry. Each day only one person is assigned to the cute little guy and therefore can't handle any of the other dogs for fear of contamination. I have to say that the time I wasn't cleaning, doing laundry, or handling some showings I was laying on a blanket in the isolation yard with the sweetest little puppy that would just curl up right next to you for some comfort. He is still eating but his fever is still fluctuating with a range from about 103 degrees to close to 105.

If everything goes perfectly we will keep his fever under extreme temps and try to keep him from any permanent damage. Our vet staff is continuing his fluids every day along with antibiotics and a non steroidal anti-inflammatory injection. Hopefully he is strong enough to battle on because I really don't want to get a call on my day off to come up to the shelter to say my goodbyes. In this case no news is good news. Here is a pic of the little guy curled up on my lap just so you can get an idea of how special he really is.

Just because I couldn't handle any dogs doesn't mean that I couldn't get them adopted. The woman that I had shown Ellie Mae to a few days ago came back in with her dog Lucas who was a beautiful greyhound mix she had adopted from the shelter about five years ago. Initially she wanted to think about the adoption and it turns out she felt that it was a perfect fit. We did another introduction with the two dogs and saw that they were getting along fine so it was a go. I am always glad to see an animal here go home to a wonderful family but I am even happier knowing that the adopter has thoroughly thought about this big decision and it ends up working better both for the animals and the owners.

Later I was called over the P.A. system that I had a phone call holding for me. Usually I am a little skeptical when I hear that but I had a good feeling especially after the showings I had the previous days. It turns out it was the couple that was looking at our dear cat Libby who has been here going on seven months. The family decided that she was a perfect fit but wouldn't be able to get her until Saturday. Usually we steer away from adopting over the phone but since this was such a special case we decided to adopter her out and the new family can pick her up this weekend. It was great news and everyone was happy to hear the news.

The rest of the day paled in comparison to the adoptions that preceded. I had one other showing with some adorable kittens but the family had a tough time making up their mind. All I know is we had some great animals find their forever homes today and I also got to spend some unbelievable time with a very dear puppy. I will keep everyone updated on the sweet little guy and I hope everyone says a little prayer for the guy because he needs all the help he can get.

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  1. I was on Harry duty today. What a special little puppy :)