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Monday, June 8, 2009

At least there was one today

The morning started just like every other one. I threw on the headphones and got to cleaning. Once the dogs were back in their kennels I headed over to the rabbitat where I was met by another staff member. We changed the rabbits bedding, threw in some fresh hay, and gave them fresh water and we were done. I was about to walk over to the cattery to help out when a woman stopped me and said she had found a stray. He was a cute little wire haired mutt with a huge under bite and probably weighed in at a whopping five pounds. I took her into the office where she could fill out some quick paperwork on where she found the animal. Unfortunately the little guy wasn't chipped so we will end up calling county. The woman was concerned that the animal would be euthanised but we informed her the procedure at county, a five day hold to make sure the owner has the opportunity to find the animal and then the animal would be placed for adoption. It was also good for the woman to hear that in the last three years no animals have been euthanised in the county due to space or time spent. Heck, that even comforted me. After the woman left I took the dog and set him up in a kennel in ISO, of course as I am bringing him back there is a call over the loud speaker saying "Nick, just so you know that dog is infested with fleas". Not that it makes any difference now, but it was still a little surprising and funny at the same time to hear that.

Today was really laid back compared to yesterday. The only thing extra we had to do compared to Saturday was laundry. It was good to see the old beast working again and nice that we can finally get caught up on laundry and not have to worry about it breaking down again. The fix for the washer consisted of pulling the machine out, ripping out the concrete, laying re-bar down, pouring fresh concrete, then bolting the machine into the concrete. I have to say it seems like it is a permanent fix but I am sure eventually that damn thing is going to shake itself apart.

Once all of the morning chores were taken care of I decided to go and spend some time with the Mississippi dogs. I was lucky enough to have my fiance come volunteer today so I was glad to go hang with her and a few puppies. She decided to sit with our little Tot who is the sweetest giant schnauzer mix puppy that has the best temperament. I couldn't believe how fast she fell in love with this dog. She added that we should think about adopting. Not only do I always want to take these animals home now I have the added voice of my best friend telling me we should do it as well. Definitely not making it any easier.

Of course the one actual showing I do today was with a mother and a daughter who drove about 45 minutes to see that same dog. They had seen the little guy on the website and he reminded them of a dog they once had. The application looked good and the showing went very well. Tot was running around with the puppy coordination and just having a ball. I warned them on all of the time and energy needed with puppies and it seemed that they really understood. The one concern was that they have a cat at home and our little guy hadn't been tested for that. Luckily we have our special needs cats that love just about everything out there so I took the puppy back to the med room where he showed some interest, a little nervousness, and eventual ignorance. The adoption was a go, of course I'm sad we don't get to take him home but I am glad we at least had this one adoption today and can know that he will have a good life.

The rest of the day was pretty uneventful. We had a few applications for the puppies that will be available in the next few days. It's always funny when you tell the people that it is a first come first serve basis and yet they still try to put a hold on the little guys. What we have been doing is merely a screening process and eliminating the people that will not be a good fit for the eight week old little guys. The people that do qualify will have to call and see if the puppies are available and be the first ones to walk through the doors because once they are gon they are gone.

It was a nice day today, good to find at least one dog a good home. I just hope that the rest won't be sitting in their kennels for too long.

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