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Monday, May 11, 2009

What's that smell?

It's nice when you start your day and from the moment you get there to the moment you leave you always feel one step behind. It seemed like everyone was in a coma this morning and just not able to put it into gear. Well, I say this just because this is how I felt and I was so unmotivated early on that might have imagined everyone else feeling the same way. I began by cleaning out the West side kennels, slowly, then moved to the rabbitat which took a little while longer than usual. I have been knocking out that section of cleaning usually in about 45 minutes but when I went in today I realized that the five empty cages from our recent adoptions had been filled. Needless to say I wasn't finished until after the doors for the shelter opened.

Once all of the cleaning was done I got the trashed taken out and moved on to the laundry room where poo and pee smelling blankets and bedding literally were stacked to the ceiling. Now I have said there has been a lot of laundry before but this is insane. Since the propane went out last week and laundry didn't get done for several days it backed up rather quickly. We were able to get it knocked down to shoulder level so hopefully on Monday we can get caught up (me being an optimist because it might take a few days more).

After leaving the "pee poo room", that's what I am going to call the laundry room until we can get it all cleaned and organized, I headed in for a walkie talkie. I noticed that pretty much everyone was in a showing than I realized that one of the showings was with a lovely English family that I had spent a lot of time last week looking both at cats and dogs. You might remember, they were the ones with a pedigree cat and a "muggle" that they had adopted from us a few years back. Anyways, they had thought it all over and came back to look at some cats. They ended up, at least the children, falling in love with a mother daughter bonded pair and after a little arm twisting with dad decided to adopt. I know they will have a very loving home for these animals and I am glad they took some time to make this very important decision.

Once I had packed up Lyla and Sky, the new names for the kitties, I decided to go give some love to some special dogs. One is our girl that has been here for quite some time that has had some trouble gaining weight. Not sure if I said it but after all the tests and surgeries we finally found some inflamed tissue in her intestine, after all of that, we still can't say for sure what it is except for a little IBS. Anyways, she does eat, she just needs to be in a comfortable atmosphere. What that means to me is I will go in the kennel and pet on her for a while then proceed to hand feed her a special diet of duck and potato food. I think she has put on a little weight which is a great sign and hopefully get her adopted soon.

After spending some time with our little nervous girl I went over to our little special needs chihuahua who is an obvious reason why breeders need to check what they are doing. The little guy has one eye that is smaller from the other, a tounge that is too long so it sticks out of his mouth parcially, and a skeletal system that seems to have its problems as well. The little guy is completly happy but really is pathetic looking. Everytime I see him I just want to take him everywhere I go. He'll jump up on you and give you kisses and just the look on his face is ridiculous. The one thing I have to say about the dog is that he is an obious product of breeders trying to get the animals smaller and smaller. I have included a picture below just so you can see how cute (and pathetic) this guy really is.

With some calming time (for me and the dogs) out of the way it was time to get back to work. More laundry done, a cat intake that really took the cake for pathetic animals, and one more showing and interaction with two of our larger dogs. Once again I didn't have any dog adoptions today but I was able to somehow get caught up with the day. I was able to spend some truly quality time with some animals that needed it and we also were able to take in a cat that was grossly underweight and having problems with its' teeth. All in all it was a good day, a little hectic and out of whack in a sort but a good day. Hopefully the next few days will be a little less chaotic and we can take care of all of the essentials of the shelter so next weekend we can really focus on getting the animals some forever homes. Thanks for reading and I will be back tomorrow to share some more.


  1. Chuck and I have found a house. Now to think about what kind of shelter dog we want- hopefully one that likes little dogs.

  2. Congrats Holly, that's awesome!We have a couple here that might be perfect. You guys should stop by and check them out and catch up.


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