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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Surgery Day

Cleaning and more cleaning as usual as the day began. We started by knocking out the dog kennels and moving one of our dogs into a larger kennel with heat. It turns out the little whippet mix gets pretty chilly and hides under his blankets to keep warm. Luckily we have some open space and got him into a nice comfortable area where he is sure to be nice and content. After feeding and getting all of the animals up we moved on to the cattery. I have to say that the air wasn't circulating too well and my allergies really got the best of me. Luckily there were a lot of people helping out and we were able to finish the task with some time to spare.

There was then a call over the p.a. system saying that there was a staff meeting. Everyone was present from our marketing director, president, and even the guy that runs the thrift store. It was nice to see all of the faces that make this machine work. We went over some updates on the newly renovated thrift store to a pancake breakfast that will be happening this Saturday. I was amazed at how many revenue outlets the shelter has to take such good care for our animals. After the quick meeting it was time to get back to it.

We of course got the laundry going and are beginning to see the pile dwindle down slowly. The dishes got washed and the garbage was taken out when I was asked if I would like to help with one of the surgeries that was taking place today. All seven of the puppies were scheduled to be neutered today so they can go to there new homes soon. I was shown how the puppy was anesthetized with a small mask than given three shots ranging from a non-steroidal to a pain killer. Once the puppy was under a heart monitor was attached to his tongue along with a tube that went down his airway. After the puppy was shaved down and all sterilized it was time to move him to the surgery suite. The little guy was laid down and a local vet began the surgery while another attendant monitored the puppies breathing and heart rate. The procedure seemed pretty simple with a small incision and a little pop. After everything had been cut and removed he was stitched up and ready to go. I have to say it was a little painful to watch but was really educating on exactly how the operation is done.

After the surgery the rest of the day seemed to fly by. Our behaviorist got a bunch of dogs in to some play groups to better socialize them and had another relinquishment that she had to evaluate. I was also called to do another showing with the little guy that I had showed yesterday. The young man looking to adopt wanted to come visit to make sure that it was a right fit. He really fell for the little guy but we were still waiting to hear back from his complex on whether or not he could have a pet in his new apartment. He was very understanding on why we needed the o. k. and said that if was meant to be it would work out. About a half hour after he left we got the approval and he was able to adopt. It was nice to see the effort not only put in by the adopter but also the staff to make this match take place.

With all of the stressful times in the shelter it is still such a learning experience for me. I am glad to say that today was a great learning experience along with finding a new guy his forever home. I am also pretty content to know that since the puppies are now "fixed" they will be going home soon with a lot less poo to pick up. I have attached a video of some of the cute little puppies after their surgery. They are a little groggy but still so cute and I am sure that all of their adopters are looking forward to them coming home.

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  1. It's great what you do for animals! I haven't found the strength to volunteer at my local shelter, but I found a search engine that donates to pet rescue everytime I search the internet - Glad to hear of a way to help out pet rescue organizations with something as simple as searching the internet.