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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Memorial Day

I am going to keep this short. Today the shelter was closed and we had two staff members assigned to clean and take care of the animals. The day was pretty uneventful and really was just a lot of cleaning. All in all it took about five hours to clean and feed all of the animals ranging from the dogs and cats to the rabbits. Once all of that was done we took out the garbage and started some laundry. I have to say that the volunteers that were here really made a difference in how the animals got cared for. I am really thankful for all of the people that came and helped out on this holiday. The only thing we did aside from cleaning was try to answer the phones as much as possible. The calls ranged from wanted other shelter's numbers to asking about EBR's. We didn't have to answer the calls but we were expecting to hear from county about picking up the stray that we had. No luck in that department but hopefully his owner will call the shelter and be able to pick him up. All in all today went by pretty fast and I truly don't like working holidays. It's not that there is something I would rather be doing but not having the possibilities of adopting is not too much fun. I'll have a longer and better blog for you tomorrow and I hope everyone had a great Memorial Day. Thanks to all of those that have served their country proudly and give me the oppurtunity to do what I do.

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  1. Finally visited your blog - it's great. Enjoyed working with you a couple of days this week - you are an asset to the shelter.