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Monday, March 2, 2009

More and More POOOOOO!

I always think when I start my day that the morning cleaning is going to be a breeze because that one dog that was always so messy has now found their forever home. I think the more that I hope that the worse that it gets. I did a walk through of the south side kennels that I had just sanitized the day before and found not only an extra dog that had been brought in during the night but about four kennels that were filled with some messy diarrhea. I don't mind cleaning it up, I just really feel bad for the poor dogs that have to spend the 15 hours in their kennels with it.

With a little time to spare with my cleaning I was able to take care of a few essentials for the day before the doors opened. We moved all of the dogs from one section to another to make room for a new batch of guys that will make their way into the shelter. This is a simple task of making sure the areas that the dogs are moving into are sanitized and have nice bedding, a few toys, and some water. Along with this we needed to set up a fence outside of one of the dogs kennels that has been showing some aggression towards certain males. Along with this we put a treat basket there to try to get the dog trusting everyone that comes up to him. Hopefully this will work because the dog is such a friendly and loving animal that is just so stressed out he acts a little weird around some people.

On to the cattery and scooping out some litter boxes. I won't go into much detail here but you can imagine. Man, this place really does have a smell of it's own. We made sure everyone was fed and had a clean bed and moved on. Thank goodness my allergies weren't acting up.

I found out the new dog wasn't really new but another return. A beautiful boy who I had rememberd spending some time with as a volunteer. I wish we had some land because I would take so many of these guys home. Anyways, it turns out the dog had some issues with eating. He had lost a lot of wheight and the owner, after two months, felt that she could not take care of him. Not that she didn't love him, she just did not want to see him deterioate. I put some sensitive stomach food down with him and he preceded to inhale it. I fed him two more times and he seems to be eating. Not sure what is going on with him but we have him on a medical hold until he can be evaluated. I hope he will be o. k. because he really is a wonderful animal.

Business as usual during the afternoon except for the fact that there was a birthday party being held for about 20 pre-teens and their parents. I had no idea that anyone would have a party at the humane society but what I learned about it all just added to the fact that this place is helping in more ways than I ever thought imaginable. The party was traditional with cake and games but also included a comprehensive tour and educational speech on why the shelter does what it does. Everything from neutering animals to bringing them off the street. I have to say, it is a cheap way not to have a bunch of kids tearing up your house for a birthday but it also educates them on the importance of animal shelters.

After a little bit of laundry, some speacial feedings, and some well deserved loving on the dogs it was time to train the young female that almost got put down. Pretty simple when you think about it. Just feed her full of treats when other dogs are tending to get her riled up. That and just keep her calm and try to wear her out on runs so she is to tired to jump around and jump on the fences.

Later in the day I learned how to bottle feed a kitten that didn't even have it's eyes open yet. I learned that it had been found on the side of the road wrapped in a blanket. It makes me woner how many more don't get found. Aside from getting peed on, the little guy was really cute and I'm looking forward to seeing him grow up a little and find a permanent home for him.

Well, today we had one adoption and one dog brought back. Not quite a perfect day but it will do. I learned that some animals might not find their forever homes on the first go round but we won't shy away from trying again...and again. I learn something new everyday and wonder in what other ways could this shelter be helping the community.

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